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New Zeltros being created on EiF - run by Leo!
Gharett so sad...and mad and stuff...oh well there's always soup to make me fel better
Looking for RP on Bas? Go find Dara Chaos or Yu-Huang Shangti
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January 2018

Most of the community members here are still connecting through the discord channel, but for the most part - we've all moved on to other games. The tiny RP community on Basilisk was something we always struggled with - and despite how much effort we dedicated to it - attrition won. But I'll never see the time we spent in Savareen as a loss.

I have no intention of shutting down the forums as long as they are useful to the members. Please feel free to use all the great information we've compiled over the last 3 years of RP, community and friendship - spread it far and wide if you wish! Tweak and use the cantina games, use the hyperspace travel time maps, etc.

We will lose some of the features like teh Wiki when the advanced membership days end, so make sure you take a moment to save that if you utilized that function - thank you all for donating during the life of this site. 

I'm leaving on the comments for this post so you can share where you are, what you're doing, character names, where to find you, etc.

It was my privilege to serve as your mayor, and I hope to remain your friend.



Desmonda Sorry I was late to the party. I still pop onto Basilisk if anyone wants to meet up. Drop me an email in game.
Hamilcaer Farewell Savareen. It was a fantastic experience! To everyone I RP'd with there, THANK YOU!
'Nosolee Prudii a I'm also on EiF as 'Nosolee, Uhuch, and Kevin SWTOR as Draiir, Nosolee, and Uhuch! I'm also on ESO but I ...

Savareen Laws

  • Savareen adheres to Imperial law.
  • The Peacekeepers are Savareen's law enforcement body, their handbook outlines a number of the most common offenses and penalties.
  • Keep your weapon sheathed or holstered within city limits in the interests of public safety.
  • Friendly duels and sparring are best conducted in the fight club, gun range or outside city limits to keep from violating the weapons law.
  • Licensed Bounty Hunters should check in with city officials before pursuing a bounty within city limits in order to minimize misunderstandings with Peacekeeping forces.
  • The sale and acquisition of slaves is not permitted within the city limits of Savareen, however Imperial licensed slavers are tolerated.
  • Respect Savareen, respect its citizens.

OOC Guidelines & Rules

In order to maintain our relationship with the Imperial authorities and continue to operate smoothly, illegal activities (such as, but not limited to: spice use, slicing, gun running, theft, kidnapping, crimes involving bodily harm or death, property damage, smuggling, unlicensed slaving, artifact and black market dealings) should be approached with a modicum of subtlety. This ideal should also be applied to RP involving the Force/Sith/Jedi or Force Sensitivity. Acts which would bring the attentions of Empire enforcers and law enforcement should take a 'behind closed doors' sort of policy. Should you not follow this rule of subtlety, please be aware there may be IC repercussions.

  • Please coordinate the timing of your scenes for your plot with the PKs and/or Mayor/Council if you wish them to be involved.
  • Please do NOT RP sexual acts in any public area in Savareen at any time. This means that you should not be doing anything of an explicit sexual nature that can be seen in spatial. Please feel free to take it to group chat.
  • Storylines that involve damaging Savareen or civic buildings in Savareen should be brought to the Mayor before enacting
  • Storylines that involve damaging (a) player owned building(s) in Savareen must be discussed with the player(s) who own(s) the building.
  • Going forward, we would prefer that storylines that involve sexual assault not be played out publically in Savareen. Medical Personnel and City Officials should be approached for their consent if that type of storyline will involve their character. 
  • Imperial Roleplay in town must be coordinated with the Savareen Garrison. Under no circumstances will a high ranked Imperial be allowed to use their rank or prestige to avoid consequences for their actions outside the law or try to order around the Savareen Garrison which has an IC chain of command of their own. (Relain is the current CO)  If you have a high ranking Imperial who may have business in Savareen, please have an OOC discussion with the mayor and CO for coordination before coming into town.
  • Savareen's players are big supporters of player consent. When in doubt: ask the player.
  • Please be in character in Savareen. Keep ‘out of character’ conversations confined to group or tells whenever possible.
  • Respect is the #1 most important rule of all time. Respect other people’s boundaries, their wishes and their time. If you try to force roleplay on other players in town, you will quickly become unwelcome.

Misc Info
We are looking for more citizens to help the city grow. If you would like to set up a home in Savareen, please be aware that we primarily use Naboo style housing, unless there is a very compelling reason for a generic or you wish to settle on the south side. We are happy to provide small and medium houses for your use.

In order to keep from having half a city full of condemned housing, we ask that characters RP in Savareen for a couple weeks on a regular basis before settling in. If you don’t enjoy spending time in a town, you probably wouldn’t want to buy a house there! More information on citizenship here!

New RPers and those curious about RP are welcome – most of the folks you see in town would be happy to answer questions in tells or provide guidance.

In order to be as accessible to as many roleplayers as possible, I have taxes turned off in the city. We rely on donations to keep the city running, so if you enjoy your time in Savareen and have a character capable of making money – we hope you’ll donate to the city’s costs. (Currently 350+K/week)

My personal goal as mayor is to include as many roleplayers as I can in the environs of Savareen. If you are wondering how your style of roleplay or a concept/idea/story you have may fit into Savareen – let’s talk! I like to think I’m fairly flexible and I’m always willing to have something pitched to me and discuss potential solutions.

You'll find lists (with contact information) of the city's Peacekeepers and City Council in the City Hall and an Event board in the Inferno above the bar. A statue in front of the shuttleport provides a  list of points of interest within town, to help you get around.

Finally, if you have trouble with another player in town - please send them a tell and try to work it out like adults. If this is unsuccessful - please send Taylah an email or tell. I'd be happy to mediate or try to bring the conflict to a happy or at least tenable conclusion.

We hope you will visit, explore and RP with us!

Taylah Prudii

The City of Savareen Peacekeeping force is seeking exceptional candidates with prior law enforcement, military, secuirty, mercenary or bounty hunter experience who have the ability to enforce the law while maintaining positive interactions with the community.

Applicants are required to have ranged weapon experiance and will either have experience with or be trained in hand-to-hand and melee weapon combat. Successful candidates MUST demostrate the following skills and abilities:

- Communicate effectively and efficiently

- Identify and solve problems

- Make proper decisions

- Exercise sound judgement in assessing behavior

- Handle emergency situations

- Set bias aside when problem solving

- Enforce laws and issue citations or warnings to violators

- Investigate crime scenes, preserve evidence, interview suspects/witnesses/victims

- Submit timely reports and provide credible testimony when needed

Along with enforcing the law and protecting the citizens of Savareen, Peacekeepers will be required to attend weekly meetings and be prepared to take part in weekly meetings and be prepared to take part in trainings held withing and outside the Savareen community.

Applications are currently being accepted. All candidates will be considered without bias towards, species, race, gender, creed, religion or orientation. Preference will be given to those who have expertise in a specific field and can help provide training to the other Deputies with the Savareen Peacekeepers and the Savareen community.

A background check is required before any applicants will be considered.

(You must be active on this character and be around atleast 3 days a week most weeks. Alts will be considered if you are willing to have them respond to comms/calls to duty when you are on another character. However, main characters will take priority over alts.)

Please contact 'Nosolee Prudii for an application.

Roleplay Push-ups #1

Escia Cal a posted Sep 2, 16

Hello Savareen!

After reading over the last ice-breaker, including a short response sent in private, I was glad that there were some who felt it should stay. While the feedback from the five who responded was overwhelmingly positive, I feel that the lack of responses speaks for itself. Henceforth, I'll be discontinuing the ice-breaker. Thanks to everyone who participated in them and to those who supported the effort! I hope that all of you have gained something valuable from the words shared by, and will continue to help each other grow. To help encourage this, I'll be introducing you to something that I hope will be fun and even inspiring.

The ice-breakers were supposed to be a tool used to bring the community together to share a little bit about ourselves with each other so we would get to know who was on the other side of our monitors. Its overall goal was to help open all our eyes to what makes us tick, what interests us, what hurts us, and how we can work together. This time, I want to focus on the creativity through what some of you might know as a "Roleplay Push-up".

What is a roleplay push-up?

I'm glad you asked! A prompt is given to a community regarding characters, their lives, their decisions, and their actions. In many cases, players are faced with questions about the current state of their characters or questions that explore their pasts. In others, players are faced with a hypothetical scenario in which their character has been thrust into in order to evoke a creative response that hinges on the character's design rather than where the player wants the character to go.

Does this sound like a fun challenge? If so, prepare yourselves for an adventure!

Scenario 1

A large facility is on the brink of destruction. Its interior is crumbling, the power is failing, fire is running wild, smoke fills the air throughout the halls, and the people inside are fleeing for their lives in a chaotic manner. Despite their efforts, a portion of the would-be victims are trapped inside by the raging flames and crumbling structure, for to their dismay, the emergency fire system has stalled and the walls are starting to give way. Among the people trapped inside is your character who stands at a platform whose path to the rest of the group has been obstructed; among the thirty-two trapped souls is that character's closest friend. Yet, your character stands at a most critical position within the facility, for nearby is the manual control panel to the fire system and a blast door that may just open if its manual override was initiated.

Your character is unarmed and lacks the equipment or time necessary to put together a formidable plan.

"Ugh, the one time I'm unprepared, it had to come to this..."

The path to the control system is dangerous, and upon quick inspection of its route and the failing structure, your character determines that pursuing it would spell certain death because the path to it is impossible to take back. Your character doesn't know if the systems will even work, but believes there is a good chance that they will. Alternatively, the other side of the platform is connected to a hallway that appears to be unobstructed, with fires that do not yet pose an immediate threat. Your character doesn't know if there are worse dangers further down that hall, but knows that this hall has a direct exit to safety. Time is running out, and they could all die within moments!

What does your character do?

Post here or in the comment section below!

Hello Savareen,

I would like to receive more feedback from you for better idea of where the community's desires are. What I want to know is what you think of Savareen and how it has become an important part of your roleplay and general activity. This is the tenth installment of community questions to help build a stronger community. Remember that your responses are not limited to responding to the prompt as extended feedback is encouraged!

We have had eight general questions posed to the community along with a challenge meant to push players out of the their comfort zones in an effort to build stronger bonds.  What I've personally noticed is that there have been less responses to these ice-breakers, and not much feedback on whether or not they're working.

Bearing in mind the previous nine ice-breakers, do you think that this activity should continue?  Why or why not?  Do you have any alternative ideas?

Thank You,

Escia Cal

Please respond here or in the comment section below.

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